“On top of everything else, the work we do is important”
Santtu Koivula’s mornings at Aurubis usually start in front of a computer.

As a supply chain and customer service manager, Koivula checks all new orders placed by customers and compares them against the plant’s capacity.

Koivula is responsible for ensuring that the customer receives their order on time.

Essentially, this is rather simple. We make the ordered product in the quantity specified by the customer, and deliver it on time. That’s when the customer is usually satisfied,” says Koivula, Master of Science in Engineering.

“I myself, together with my team, can significantly contribute to the success of this chain, for better or worse. It is rewarding when the entire chain succeeds, from order to production and delivery.”

However, the process is not always simple: A successful order-delivery chain requires seamless cooperation between several people, for which Koivula is responsible. In addition, he is responsible for managing raw material inventories and stock levels and for the scheduling of deliveries, among other things. At the same time, he must also constantly develop his own operations.

When there are many moving parts, not everything always goes as planned. Nevertheless, the main goal is always to deliver the ordered product to the customer on time.

“My work is challenging and requires a high level of responsibility, but that’s what keeps me motivated.”

Koivula has worked at Aurubis for about six years. In his summer job interview, Koivula said that he could do his Bachelor’s Thesis and Master’s Thesis for the company, after which he would stay permanently at Aurubis.

And that’s exactly what happened.

“After starting at Aurubis, I haven’t felt the need to go anywhere else. On top of everything else, the work we do is important as copper is involved in a number of climate-friendly innovations.”

Another reason for staying in Pori is the city itself. For Koivula, who is from Kankaanpää, Pori is just the right city for his current life situation.

He has a 1.5-year-old little boy at home with whom he spends most of his spare time. That is why it is important that all essential services for everyday life can be found easily and nearby, but there is still plenty of space in the parking lot of the local shopping centre.

There is also plenty of space near the hockey arena. Koivula, who used to play in the Porin Ässät junior league, puts on his skates about once a week.

“Working up a sweat on in the ice rink makes a nice balance with work.”