Aurubis Finland Oy is part of the German Aurubis Group, which operates in numerous countries around the world. Our products are manufactured in the only copper foundry and rolling mill in the Nordic countries and are used, for example, in electric cars, wind turbines and architectural solutions around the world.
Copper has been produced in Pori for 80 years – an ore deposit was discovered in Outokumpu in 1910, which is when the decision to build the plant was made – the plant was completed in 1940. In 2005, Outokumpu became Luvata, and in 2011, Aurubis AG acquired part of Luvata’s Rolled Products Division.
Since then, we have been part of the international Aurubis Group, Europe’s largest producer of refined copper and copper semis and one of the world´s largest copper recyclers. The Aurubis Group employs approximately 7,100 people in over 20 countries around the world.

At Aurubis Finland Oy, we are building the future of the entire planet together with about 290 leading experts in the field. Our products are professionally manufactured in the Copper Industry Park in Pori, an expert community occupying an area of ​​approximately 100,000 m². The keywords in our production are high quality, durability and dimensional accuracy. We produce 8 million square metres of copper for roofing every year. Our products include rolled copper strips, sheets and circles. Our architectural solutions can be found under the Nordic Copper brand. Patinated copper sheets and strips are used as surface materials in both modern and historic construction sites around the world. In Pori, Aurubis’ copper can be found in the facade of the public swimming pool and the Tornitalo building.

About 90% of our products are produced for export to supply the needs of the electrical, electronics and construction industries. We manufacture products responsibly, with the goal of reducing emissions and landfill waste from production as well as ensuring the economical use of raw materials and energy. Waste heat from our copper foundry processes is directed to Pori Energia’s district heating network for residential heating.

Aurubis Finland Oy employs 290 people in the copper industry and the company is led by cooperative, flexible, and responsible industry leaders. We require our employees to be at least 18 years of age. The average age of our personnel is 42 years, and 59% of them have worked with us for more than six years.

Our production unit employs approximately 200 experts with the following titles:

  • Production Operator, Maintenance Mechanic, Tool Machinist ja Maintenance Electrician.

Approximately 80 experts work in clerical positions under the following job titles:

  • Customer Service Specialist, Quality Assurance Specialist, Production Planner, ITC System Specialist, Production Supervisor, HR-Specialist, Treasury Accountant, Laboratory Technician, Sales Manager, Manager – Supply Chain and Customer Service, Purchaser, Assistant Controller, Development Engineer, Technology and Quality Manager ja Service Mechanic.
Our name comes from Latin – Aurum + Rubrum = red gold = Aurubis
Our operations are guided by:
  1. ISO 14001:2015 environmental management standard
  2. ISO 9001:2015 quality standard
  3. ISO 45001:2018 occupational safety standard
  4. ISO 50001:2018 energy management standard
  5. An environmental permit in accordance with the Finnish Environmental Protection Act

Our goal in environmental protection is to reduce emissions and landfill waste from our own production and to ensure the economical use of raw materials and energy.

Waste heat from our copper foundry processes is directed to Pori Energia’s district heating network for residential heating. We recover 1,400 MWh of waste heat every year, which corresponds to the annual heat demand of about ten kindergartens.

Aurubis Finland Oy copper emissions to river Kokemäenjoki are below allowable level of copper in drinking water.

Environmental policy and principles

Enviromental policy

Aurubis Finland Oy is committed to preserving and protecting a healthy and safe environment by minimizing the damage caused by its operations.

Enviromental principles
  1. The continuous improvement of water protection, soil protection and emissions control are key targets in our environmental protection efforts.
  2. Environment and climate protection is further developed in a responsible manner, conserving natural resources and preventing or minimising the burden on the environment and our employees.
  3. The special requirements of environmental protection are taken into account when planning and developing new products and production processes.
  4. Processed raw materials and intermediary products are returned as completely as possible to the economic cycle. Unavoidable waste is recycled or disposed of without causing harm to the environment.
  5. Danger to our employees, the local population and the environment is averted by taking all the necessary precautions to avoid accidents and avert any environmental impact from operational disruptions; our aim is preventing or minimising the risk of accidents.
  6. Our staff’s responsibility in environmental protection is emphasised through open and objective communication that is based on trust between our employees, the environmental authorities and other relevant parties.
  7. Our customers are provided with adequate information about the properties of our products and essential safety measures and advised on questions regarding product disposal.
  8. Subcontractors are carefully selected, informed and advised and required to ensure that they comply with all legal requirements and our own environmental protection principles.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Aurubis Finland’s health and safety policy is based on our company’s values: Performance, Responsibility, Integrity, Mutability, Appreciation.

With jointly defined procedures and with continuous development and follow-up, our aim is to provide a safe working environment with zero accidents.

All levels of the organisation have their own specific tasks and responsibilities. With the commitment of our staff and the example of our managers, we strive to improve occupational safety and create a responsible and safety-friendly management culture.

Together with our occupational health care and personnel, we aim to build a healthy and safe working environment. We share information about safety issues with our own personnel as well as with other workers working in the Aurubis production area.

We follow legislation, regulations and agreements and the company’s operating models.

Energy Policy

Our goal is to continually improve our energy efficiency.

We strive to develop the use of electricity, liquefied petroleum gas, district heat, compressed air, light fuel and diesel. We promote energy efficiency through development projects and by encouraging our personnel to operate in an energy efficient manner. We consider energy efficient solutions when purchasing new equipment. We strive to minimise CO2 emissions by the efficient use of energy.

Our energy management system is based on:

  • Energy Efficiency Agreement and the Energy Efficiency Act
  • ISO 50001:2018 ”Energy Management Systems. Requirements with guidance for use”
  • Aurubis Group’s environmental policy, which takes account of local needs and requirements

Aurubis Finland Oy is committed to energy efficiency. We have participated Energiateollisuus ry:s energy efficiency program since 17.4.2015 till 31.12.2025.

Quality Policy

For Aurubis Finland Oy the quality of the products and satisfied customers are the key elements in creating a profitable business.

By continuously improving the processes, Aurubis Finland Oy guarantees that the expectations of customers on the quality of the products and the operation are met also in the future.

When the competence of the personnel is at an adequate level and the co-ordination between the operations is working, the process performance can be ensured and developed in accordance with the objectives.

The quality aim of Aurubis Finland Oy is to produce products and services that meet the expectations of the customers.

This aim is to be reached by concrete measures which include continous measuring, analysing the results, rapid response capability and ongoing improvements.


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