Copper is one of the first metals used by man and one of the oldest building materials.

Malleability, environmental friendliness, durability, natural patination and many other unique properties make copper an ideal material for almost any type of architectural element.

Our internationally renowned Nordic Copper product family offers the market’s largest copper selection for roofs, facades and interior construction.

Nordic Copper

Copper is a suitable material for traditional seam roofs as well as for the facades of modern buildings. Nordic Copper’s wide range of colour and texture options offer many visually impressive possibilities for customised solutions. As a material, copper is very durable, as the oxide layer formed on its surface protects the material against corrosion.

One of the most unique characteristics of copper is how the colour lives and transforms over time. As a result of exposure to air, the copper surface begins to oxidise, gradually changing its colour from reddish to brown and developing a green patina over time. All Aurubis’ Nordic Copper products are manufactured at the Pori mill in Finland.


Emissions from our architectural products reduced by as much as 20% 

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Aurubis Finland Oy has updated its Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). Based on the results, the company has calculated the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Nordic Copper products.  According to the…

Three dramatic spiral staircases in a new museum in Perth, Australia

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‘The design aims to make wandering up and down the Nordic Brass staircases, between restored heritage-listed buildings and the new contemporary development, feel seamless to visitors’ Three dramatic spiral staircases,…