Aurubis Finland Oy

P.O. Box 60
FI-28101 Pori

Tel. +358 44 787 6111

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Kupariteollisuuspuisto’s info is open at 8-16 from monday to friday.

28330 Pori

Tel. +358 44 787 6111

Aurubis parking area map

For Drivers

Kupariteollisuuspuisto is an approximately 100-hectare factory area, and around a hundred heavy vehicles visit the site daily. In order to ensure safe traffic, we have issued safety guidelines to drivers. Following the safety guidelines is of paramount importance.


Bringing a vehicle to the factory area requires a separate access permit. Guards provide information on permit procedures at the main gate. General road traffic regulations, the speed limits indicated by traffic signs and other traffic rules must be complied with in Kupariteollisuuspuisto area. This is how we ensure smooth and safe operations every day. Access to the area may be temporarily suspended due to speeding or other traffic violations.

Before accessing Kupariteollisuuspuisto, drivers are required to watch an introductory safety video. Drivers must have experience in loading and unloading operations. After safety trainings, drivers who operate regularly in the area can obtain a vehicle identification from the main gate which allows them to access the property. Drivers who occasionally operate in the area must contact the main gate in order to access the area. Occasional visitors will be instructed at the main gate.


Heavy vehicles access Kupariteollisuuspuisto through the gate on Kuparitie street. Drivers who occasionally operate in the area must contact the main gate in order to access the area. Occasional visitors will be instructed at the main gate.


All vehicles are weighed before entering or exiting the area. When entering or exiting the area, after you pass through the gate, drive the vehicle on the vehicle weighing scale and weigh the vehicle according to instructions provided in the scale.


Loading and unloading requires a consignment note and a loading/unloading permission (when required). Transport documents can be obtained from the loading station’s supervisor or the customer service point.


Make sure you are in the right loading or unloading station. Take care of fall protection and follow the safety instructions. Drivers must always read the loading and unloading instructions and request a loading/unloading permission. Before loading or unloading dangerous substances, make sure you know where the nearest emergency stop, emergency shower, first aid kit and shelter are located. When picking up documents from the on-site supervision station or elsewhere, only use the route instructed. Familiarise yourself with the emergency instructions. Use proper protective equipment. Ask for advice if you are not sure. If you notice any defects or deficiencies in the area, submit a danger notification or initiative. Defects that require immediate attention must be reported to the loading or unloading station supervisor without delay.

Photography and video recording in the area is prohibited. The area has continuous surveillance as well as video recording.

In all incidents, follow the safety instructions in the area.

Managing Director 
Hoshmand Kader

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