Working at Aurubis

With over 150 years of experience, we are Europe’s largest copper producer and the world’s leading copper recycler. Our products are manufactured in the only copper foundry and rolling mill in the Nordic countries and are used,  e.g., in electric cars, wind turbines and architectural solutions around the world. At Aurubis Finland Oy, you will be helping to build the future of the entire planet together with about 260 leading experts in our field.

Our products

At the Aurubis plant in Pori, we produce copper castings, rolled copper sheets, strips and circles for the electrical, electronics and construction industries. The versatile properties of the copper produced at Aurubis Finland also allow our material to be used in other industries where high electrical and thermal conductivity and malleability of copper are required.

Copper is a 100% recyclable material!

Architectural Nordic Copper solutions

Our internationally renowned Nordic Copper product family offers the market’s largest copper selection for roofs, facades and interior construction. Malleability, environmental friendliness, durability, natural patination and many other unique properties make copper an ideal material for almost any type of architectural element.


Aurubis summer employees of 2020

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Aurubis Finland Oy's summer employees for the year of 2020 have been chosen!