“We make a product in Pori that even the world’s best architects want to use”
The work as Sales and Project Manager sometimes takes Juha-Pekka Susi around the world. On his travels around the world – wherever he may be – Susi may come across projects in which he has been closely involved in his work.

The internationally known Aurubis copper of the Nordic Copper product family is used in various structures all over the world from Finland to Australia.

My job description is quite diverse, but one part of it is to support architects in project-related issues. Perhaps the coolest part is that I get to be involved in projects that help build a better living environment for all of us,” says Susi, a graduate in Civil Engineering.

The malleability, eco-friendliness, durability and many other properties of copper make it an excellent cladding solution for various buildings. The copper produced at the Pori plant is in great demand among the world’s leading architects.

I think we can be proud that we make a product in Pori that even the best architects in the world want to use in their projects. After all, our products are mainly used in slightly more special building solutions, and copper is not used in every new apartment building,” Susi continues.

Susi gets to realise his own visions in the construction and interior design of his own home in Pori. His family home has been slowly built by the Kokemäenjoki River over recent years.

In recent years, most of my free time has been spent on that project.

Once we get our boat to the pier, it is easy to go fishing, or go to the ice cream kiosk or Yyteri, for example.

Susi is originally from the Turku region and he moved to Pori to study in the early 2000s. Since then, the road has taken him elsewhere on a few occasions, but he has always found his way back to Pori.

“Life here is so much easier than in the metropolitan area, for example. Everything I need is here, and Pori is a big city on the Finnish scale. However, everyday life is less complicated and the cost of living is lower.

That’s what makes Pori a great and easy place to live in. This may be hard to understand until you experience it for yourself.”