“Sometimes we encounter situations that have never happened before”
Molten copper heated to a temperature of several thousand degrees slowly flows from the shaft furnace towards the casting furnace. From there, it is directed to a chill mould, i.e. a casting mould, where the copper cools down to its solid form.

The Aurubis foundry in Pori produces copper castings for the rolling mill and pipe factory for later use.

Sometimes things can heat up.

The work is very varied, and no two days are exactly alike. But that’s also what I like best about my work,” says Eetu Kuoppala, who works as a foreman in the copper foundry.

Kuoppala is responsible for the proper functioning of the foundry’s production processes. For Kuoppala, this means, among other things, ensuring the timely feeding of different qualities of copper into the shaft furnace. He also conducts several inspection rounds during the day to ensure that the processes are working as planned.

When copper, heated to several thousand degrees in the smelting process, begins to flow, not everything always goes as planned.

Sometimes we encounter situations that have never happened before if the equipment has been renewed or changed. In such cases, we need to be able to resolve the issue quickly, taking safety into account. This requires caution, precision and personal motivation,” says Kuoppala, who graduated as an HVAC technician.

Kuoppala has worked at Aurubis for over eight years.

Initially, Kuoppala was interested in the stable working hours and advancement opportunities offered by a large company. Eventually, those opportunities turned into reality.

In my work, I value the responsibility I have been given despite my young age. Aurubis offers opportunities for advancement.

Having been born in Ulvila, a neighbouring town to Pori, Kuoppala is happy with his current situation: Aurubis opens up opportunities – and he enjoys living in his hometown. He has no desire to be anywhere else, but what is the best thing about Pori for a young man who has lived in Satakunta all his life?

“The summers, which are filled with all kinds of events. Pori also has a rich sports culture.”

Kuoppala sometimes spends his free time on Pori’s sports fields. In his youth, he played baseball for 15 years.


In my spare time, my exercise mainly consists of walking my 11-year-old golden retriever. In the summer, however, I also play baseball whenever possible.