“We are responsible for maintaining this high-tech expertise”
The rolling mill at the Aurubis plant in Pori is experiencing loud noise as the copper strip passes between the rollers.

Rolling refers to shaping the metal into the desired shape. Copper is not rolled in any other Nordic country other than Pori.

We are responsible for maintaining this high-tech expertise – it feels pretty significant,” says Perttu Heinilä.

The most important task for Heinilä, is to ensure that the rolling mill achieves the set production targets. This in turn means ensuring seamless collaboration between many different processes and individuals.

For example, the production of the company’s famous rolled copper sheets and strips is meticulous work.

“The processes consist of many sub-processes,” says Heinilä, Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management.

“In addition to the everyday work, we also continuously strive to develop our own operations and products. Sharing ideas and successes with the staff and team are the spice of this work: first we look for solutions together, then we test how they work in practice and in the end, this may lead to a better product for the customer.”

Heinilä finds his work at Aurubis important, which is why he has stayed with the company for over a decade. Heinilä has lived in Satakunta and Pori for most of his life, and he has not yearned for other cities. He has enjoyed living and working in the region he was born.

“I have no reason to move away. Pori is a big enough city with all the necessary services. At the same time, Pori is a small enough city where life is easy and the cost of living is lower than in many other places.”

On top of all this, the province can always surprise even a native-born resident of Satakunta. It was only at an older age that Heinilä discovered the diverse nature of the Pori region.

“Yyteri, the sea and the Kokemäenjoki River are really unique places in all of Finland. It took me a long time to realise how magnificent the nature is here.”

Heinilä enjoys going out in nature in his spare time. After work, he may go to the nearby forests to practise orienteering. Sometimes, however, he finds himself in quite a different environment: CrossFit halls.

Pori was the first place to adopt this sport in Finland.

“We have quite a few great things here in Pori.”